Display folder shortcuts on left of folder tree?

Hi, is there any way that folder shortcuts can also be displayed on the left side of the folder tree?

You can create a toolbar on the left of the tree and put the favorites list, or individual folder shortcuts, or pretty much anything you want into it, if that's what you mean.

... no, I mean that you can also see manual set folder-shortcuts to other directories/folders in the LEFT tree-window which is displayed the (tree of) directories/folders directly ...
... so you can see the manual set shurtcuts to other directories not only at the right folders-/files-window but these shortcuts/links to other directories will be also displayed EXACTLY AS the "actually/real" directories/foldersin IN THE LEFT directory-/folder-tree-window which existing at a certain directory location.
[HOWEVER: Now, if I create a link to an external file directory in the right folder-/file-LIST window, this shortcut-directory-link will be displayed in the right folder-/file-LIST window, BUT NOT in the left TREE-directory-folder window - my goal is that a link to a folder will be shown also in the left directory-/folder- window exactly the same way as a folder that actually/real exists in the respective directory ... means: WITHIN the directory-/folder-tree at the left side window].

So you mean the folder tree itself, not something on the left of the tree?

You can display both Favorites and Quick Access in the tree, if you want a list of folder shortcuts there.

Yes, I mean the folder-tree itself, i.e. the display of folder links (even created by me in a file directory) in this folder-tree on (my) left side [so far probably misunderstanding, because there are different display options].

Do you mean shell shortcuts (.lnk files) that point to folders?

("Shortcut" can mean so many things, but if you mean that then it makes sense to me now. Sorry for not understanding earlier!)

.... yes (shell shortcuts = *.lnk files)
... Sorry for my misleading expression ... AND: with my left red note I mean "here folder/directory-.lnk-shortcut is missing" (NOT! file-.lnk-Shortcut ... because ONLY directories and NO files are shown on the left).

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