Display image dimensions under thumbnails

Hi - although I can see dimensions in a details listing of an images folder, I can't get those to show under the thumbnails. Can someone tell me how to do that, please? Can't see any way in prefs or folder settings - probably being really, really dense here!


Turn on Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails / Display image and file size in label.

Ta Leo - I had already done that, as well as increased # lines and the size of thumbnails to ensure I could see the results, but nothing, even though the dimensions were (are) in the expected details column. (Which is why I posted.) However, I have been scrolling down my long "list" of images, and here's the thing: several images down I see dimensions under only 4-5 thumbnails of 50+. It seems to be somewhat random. I went back to a previously saved folder on a backup drive, and other folders (My Pics) and ALL dimensions show there, as I had remembered. As far as I can see my prefs and so on are the same for all image folders. Any thoughts??

Hmm - seems I have found the possible cause of the problem. It occurred to me that the folder I was concerned about is/was named with a # to force it the top of the name sort, with a parent folder also having a # i.e. #Books>#Covers. Once I renamed these folders, removing the hashes, the dimensions appeared. After replacing the hash, have stayed there ... very peculiar.

Working out the dimensions requires opening each file and inspecting it, which happens on a background thread. Is is possible that thread was just busy, or maybe even stuck, on other files in the same folder?

(If it's potentially getting stuck, it may be a particular file or filetype in the folder. e.g. Getting dimensions from video files will involve Opus querying their info via the installed video codecs, and sometimes they go crazy with certain files.)

Renaming the folders may have changed which order the background thread fetches their info, relative to other items in the same folder, so it may be getting stuck (or spending a long time) on files lower down the list now. And the info may stay even after renaming the folders back because it gets cached as part of the Thumbnail Cache.

(If you want to diagnose which items in the folder might be causing a delay, the Thumbnail Cache will make things very confusing, so best turn it off while looking for the file Opus gets stuck on.)

Will do - thanks, Leo.