Display Metadata on a Toolbar

Is it possible to display a specific metadata field on a toolbar? I'm mainly interested in viewing the duration of each (selected) video, so having to use the metadata panel (or) selecting 'properties' tends to be overkill. Displaying the duration (or other custom metadata fields) would be useful as a secondary option. I don't particularly need to edit the metadata, although some users may possibly be interested in this functionality.

You can show that on the status bar. One of the built-in samples you can select in the Preferences UI includes durations.

I was under the impression that the status bar only shows the duration of the entire folder rather than an individual file, but I'll try it out again.

It can show selected and/or total.

The following code was added to the toolbar script: {h!} {smp3}

However, the duration of each individual video is not displaying accurately, nor does it match the duration as displayed in the metadata panel. Any suggestions?

Please show an example, as well as the full status bar definition.

After moving the media duration string {h!} {smp3} to the end of the entire status bar code, the problem is no longer replicating. I'm no expert, but it appears that the preceding code string was throwing off the displayed value. Thank you for the assist.

Hard to say without being able to see the status bar definition.

Is there a reason displaying the duration column won't work for you?

I'm only interested in the duration of individual video files, but not the total duration for an entire folder. The running calculations for a large video folder can be distracting and consume resources, so restricting it to individual files is more suitable for my purposes. My main goal is to avoid using the metadata panel since it occupies space, so the status bar is a reasonable workaround. My humble suggestion is to provide the ability to show a single metadata field in a toolbar. This would provide an alternative for displaying a metadata field which could be placed in a variety of locations within a lister. After all, customization is what makes DOpus an amazing program!

Now I understand. Yes, if one opens a folder with a high number of videos, the duration column (and other columns) can take a lot of time to populate.

Displaying it in the status bar will cause it to be calculated for the whole folder.

Still don't know what your status bar definition looks like, but I suspect it's still wrong if you're adding a single {h!} instead of a pair. Please show the code so we can help check it's correct.

Here's a capture of the status bar. The top statusbar shows the video duration (left corner) of a single selected file, whereas the bottom statusbar shows the total duration for three selections. The only issue involves occasional display delays while the folder and sub-folders are being calculated. This arrangement seems to work reasonably well, but perhaps it could be improved upon.

We need to see your status bar definition. The status bar codes in Preferences.

Here is the status bar code:

{h!} {smp3}
{i:dir} {sd} / {td} Folders
{i:file} {sf} / {tf} Files
<#FF0000>{hi} hidden</#>
{sba} / {tba}
{i:file} <#868>CR: {sel:create} {rpad} MD: {sel:write} {rpad}
{h!} {ls} {h!}
Drive {dlet} {h!} {df} {bg}