Display of DVD contents in Opus 10

Whenever I navigate to a CD/DVD drive in Opus 10, the file display contains two sections Files Already on the Disc and Files Ready to Be Written to the Disc. So far, I'm always seeing desktop.ini in the files to be to be written section, but I don't know where that desktop.ini is.

This display is irritating because if I, for example, use Crtl-A to select all the files on the disc, desktop.ini is also selected.

Ideally, I'd like to return to a simple, uncategorized list of the files on the disc as displayed in Opus 9, but I'd settle for finding out how to stop displaying desktop.ini.

In -> settings -> preferences -> folders -> folder display there is an "global wild card filter" option.
If you include "desktop.ini" in the filename field & check the option, the item will be hidden everywhere.
You can hide several items using the syntax (in that field) b[/b].

To unhide the item, you can use set globalhidehidden=toggle globalhidefilter=toggle, although
i think there is some standard command for that in the menues.

Note that Explorer does the same thing if you have it configured not to hide system/hidden files.

BTW, do not delete that desktop.ini; apparently it can confuse Windows if it's not there.

We're considering hiding it automatically (even if your filter configuration doesn't hide it), since it's not really going to be burned to disc anyway.