Display Scaling Issues in Windows 11 at 150% (and other scaling levels)

After changing the scaling in Windows 11 to 150%, toolbar fonts become pixelated, and artifacts appear on buttons upon mouse hover. How can this be avoided?

Some examples what happens at 150%:

At Scale 100% everything is ok:

This issue is quite frustrating.

Did you reboot after changing the scaling?

The scaling is set permanently; multiple resets have been attempted.

Make sure Opus's DPI scaling isn't being overridden by Windows:

If that still doesn't fix it, try File > Exit Directory Opus, then re-launch it. If it looks correct then, it may mean the system DPI is changing after Opus starts.

If you have multiple monitors with different DPIs, Opus will render for the primary monitor's DPI.

Thank you very much!! I didn't come across this thread, and compatibility settings helped resolve the issue.

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