Displaying all the CDROMS and the A (Floppy) drive on my sys


Is there a way for me to say show me all the CDROM drives on my computer and the A drive.

I thought this might do it.

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=cdrom,removable+a,lettersbeforelabels 

I originally thought the "+a" part only affected the "bit" that you attached it to. So if I added "+fg" at the end of the cdrom attribute I was saying show me only the CDROM's assigned to letter f and g and no other CDROM's. Now I understand that the letters affect the whole line, so no matter where you put the "+fg" you are saying just show me these devices no matter if they are CDROM's, removables or anything else.

So is there anyway to show all the CDROM's on the system (regardless of letter) and the A drive in one button?

Best I can get is...

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=cdrom,removable+afg,lettersbeforelabels 

...But this is just saying show me drives a,f and g regardless of what they are.

Many thanks

You can do it with two drive button items next to each other (so in customize mode it looks like two toolbar buttons, and out of customize mode they expand into two lists, but since they're next to each other look like part of the same list).

The first one takes care of the CD-ROM drives:

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=cdrom,lettersbeforelabels

The second one takes care of A:\

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=+A,lettersbeforelabels

If, somewhere else, you want a list of removable drives excluding A:\ then this should do it:

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=removable,-A,lettersbeforelabels

oh never thought of doing it as two different buttons, that will work fine. Thanks for the tip Nudel :slight_smile: