Displaying empty folder sizes

In the lister view, I want to immediately see which folders are empty. I know you can check for automatic calculation of folder sizes in prefs > folders, but that takes too long...besides, I'm more interested in just knowing which folders are empty, not the filesizes of every one if they contain something.

My suggestion is, add a checkbox in prefs like this:

[] calculate only empty folders

That way, in the lister view, the filesize column will immediately show 'empty' besides those folders which are empty.

Another idea would be to display special folder icons - those folder which are empty have one type of icon while those folder which contain something have another type of icon.

You could use the File Count and Sub-Folder Count columns to quickly see which folders are empty.

Since these don't do a recursive count of files/folders (use Total File Count and Total Sub-Folder Count for that) they'll be quite fast.

Hey, that's cool. But it's a bit inconvenient with 2 columns...not only that, but you have make sure that both read '0' before you're sure it doesn't contain anything.

I really like my idea of a 'full' and 'empty' folder icon...like how it's done with the wastebasket.

Not too long ago, someone posted about wanting to define a particular folder icon in the folder tree for the currently selected/open folder... to make it stand out a bit more.

If we're talking about folder icons and not additional lister columns... then I look at this request as being in the same general ballpark where it might be nice for users to be able to set rules for folder icon treatment based on various metadata and file system characteristics that could be processed.