Displaying large icons

When I set the "use large icons" option in the Display control panel, Explorer displays larger icons as expected (48 x 48 rather than 32 x 32 in size), but DOpus doesn't (it keeps displaying 32 pixels sized icons in listers).

Is it possible to change this behaviour (option somewhere, a key to modify in the register, etc.) ?

In fact, it seems to work in listers (in icon display mode), but only after a reboot (I guess quitting and launching DOpus would work too).

Anyway, DOpus doesn't use large icons for the icons it specifically handles (e.g. toolbars), they are displayed in 32 x 32 even if "use large icons" is set. I believe it's a "limitation" that can't be bypassed ?

Does anyone know what the toolbar icon sizes normally are when you toggle the toolbar button/command feature in 'customize' for 'Large image size'? Is it normally 16x16 and 32x32? I would imagine that Dopus exclusively controls it's toolbar images...

The internal image set is 20x20 for small and 30x30 for large. When using external images they can be any size you like - if the external image is an icon then it should use whatever the sytem small/large icon sizes are.