Displaying MP3 cover with the internal player

New registered user of DO since a few weeks. Tried to find the answer in previous post on the forum, but all the answers seemed related the old versions of DO.
Would like to know if there is a way to have the MP3 cover displayed in the internal player ? Can't find the option anywhere :slight_smile:

The cover art is available as a thumbnail, column, infotip, and in the metadata panel - in the preview pane I am afraid it is not. But definitely a good idea :slight_smile:

You can get cover art via the Windows Media Player preview handler*:

Which can be turned on via here:

Downside is it does not auto-play on file selection; you have to click the play button under the cover.

(*I was going to say "the same as in File Explorer", but Microsoft have inexplicably broken their own preview handlers in File Explorer and left them that way for several years now. Such a top-quality company these days!)