Dlg.input after "one shot" dlg.getstring

Test button code as follows:

function OnClick(clickData)
	var dlgobj = DOpus.dlg;
	var searchcriteria = "some search criteria";
	var str = dlgobj.getstring("Edit and Enter:",searchcriteria,0,"OK|Add Results|Cancel","Specify Search Criteria");
	var btn = dlgobj.input;
	DOpus.output("str = " + str);
	DOpus.output("btn = " + btn);

The Help entry for dlg.getstring states, in part..

The return value is the entered string, or an empty value if the dialog was cancelled. The index of the button selected by the user will be available via the input property once this method returns. The left-most button is index 1, the next button is index 2, and so on. If a dialog has more than one button then by definition the last (right-most) button is the "cancel" button and so this will return index 0.

..so what I expect to see when I click OK is:

str = some search criteria
btn = 1

However, clicking either OK or Add Results generates the same output:

str = some search criteria
btn = some search criteria

Am I doing something wrong?

Regards, AB

Try dlgobj.result - I think the docs are wrong there.

Well predicted. That did the trick. Thanks.

Regards, AB