Dlg.language not working as expected

I'm now using the string resources feature for my dialog. I expected that setting dlg.language = "english" would show the whole dialog in english but only the button titles provided in the language overlays mode of the editor are translated. Some other strings that are changed by the script (group label, static label, listbox input) are always german.
I currently have to change the language in preferences to see if my string resource works correctly. There's currently no comfortable way to preview a dialog in another language (see also this post).
Please make dlg.language and editor preview fully working.

String resources and dialogs are really unrelated - Opus doesn't know when your script loads a string what it's doing with it, whether it's going to be used in a dialog or for something completely separate. You need to specify the language when you load the string. I suggest writing a simple wrapper function that passes the desired language name, so you can easily change it for testing.

Ah, I got it working now so I can easily toggle languages. Thanks for your help.