{dlgchoose} Limitations

{dlgchoose} can be very useful but it has some undocumented quirks and limitations which I will report to GPSoftware. For the benefit of others who may be experiencing difficulties, here are some observations. Using the HELP example as a starting point, the format is:


  1. {dlgchoose|Select encoding quality|High=320+Medium=256+Low=128+Very Low=64}
  2. {dlgchoose|Select encoding quality|High=320+Medium=256+Low=128+Very Low=}
  3. {dlgchoose|Select encoding quality|High=320+Medium=256+Low=128+Very Low=""}
  4. {dlgchoose|Select encoding quality|High="+"+Medium=0+Low=-}
  5. {dlgchoose|Process selected files, or source folder?|Files={f}+Folder={s|noterm}}
    [li]Example #1 works as expected. The options displayed are High, Medium, Low, Very Low, and the values returned are 320, 256, 128, and 64.[/li]
    [li]If you leave the [value] empty in a Text=[value] pair in the hope of assigning a null value you will be disappointed - value is set to Text. In example #2 above, picking option 4 will return a value of Very Low.[/li]
    [li]It is apparently not possible to assign a null string. In example #3, picking option 4 will return a pair of double quotes "".[/li]
    [li]The only way to specify a string that includes the + symbol is to enclose in quotes. There is no escape character. As per the previous observation, the quotes are retained so the value returned in example #4 is "+".[/li]
    [li]Certain characters break the operation. I have not exhaustively tested to establish all of the characters that make {dlgchoose} fail completely but example #5 demonstrates some crucial ones - curly brackets {} and the | symbol.[/li][/ol]
    Regards, AB