{dlgmulti} question

Today I've been refreshing myself on how the DOpus external control codes work, and I came across one that does not seem to do what it is supposed to do.

Which is also {Rm}

The above control codes are supposed to open a dialog box to let me select more than one file. It does open the dialog box all right, but I cannot select more than one file, it seems to work exactly like {dlgopen} does. I went back to my other machine, which still has DOpus 6 on it, and I see the same thing happens there. So apparently this is nothing new with version 8.

Has anyone else noticed this? Or does anyone know what I'm not doing correctly in order to select more than one file? I've scoured the help files but haven't found anything to indicate I'm doing something wrong.


Confirmed, it doesn't seem to let you select more than one file. I've reported it as a bug to GPSoft.

Thanks nudel, I didn't think I was actually missing anything but I didn't want to turn in a bug report until someone else verified the problem.