Hi all!

To be honest I am very busy since the last months, so I don't really could follow and learn all the new features/changes of DO.

So my question:

I mount different TrueCrypt-volumes using dlgstring for choosing them. Now I like to use different parameters (e.g. with or without keyfile) for each TC-volume. Can I realise this now?

Here's my command using always the same options for all volumes:

@runmode hide @set var = {dlgchoose|TrueCrypt-Container to mount:|Storage1=X:\Storage1.tc+Storage2=Y:\Storage2.tc} /dopusdata\Scripts\TrueCrypt\TrueCrypt.exe /q background /lT /m rm /v "{$var}" /p mypassword /k "mykeyfile"
Here it should look like (or similiar):

@runmode hide @set var = {dlgchoose|TrueCrypt-Container to mount:|Storage1=X:\Storage1.tc+Storage2=Y:\Storage2.tc} IF var = Storage1 THEN /dopusdata\Scripts\TrueCrypt\TrueCrypt.exe /q background /lT /m rm /v "{$var}" /p mypassword /k "mykeyfile" ELSE /dopusdata\Scripts\TrueCrypt\TrueCrypt.exe /q background /lT /m rm /v "{$var}""

You don't need if/then/else conditional logic or anything complex to do this, just stick the entire command line (or whichever bits of it are different) into the {dlgchoose} options. They aren't limited to a single word or anything like that.

Hello Leo,

that was just an example, but what to do when you like to execute 2 or more different commandlines?

Edit: Could that be solved by simply using usercommands including a bunch of commandlines? For example "Storage1=usercommand1+Storage2=usercommand2"?

User commands might work.

Or just pass the arguments to an external script.