Dlgstring -- Select only part of default text -- possible?

I have a simple button that creates a new empty file

runmode hide @set name = {dlgstringS|Enter the name of the file you want to create.|New.txt} type NUL>>"{$name}" dopusrt /cmd SELECT DESELECTNOMATCH MAKEVISIBLE "{$name}"
I wondering if there is a way to have 'dlgstring' select only the letters "New" in "New.txt".

Instead of putting the entire filename into the dialog - just put the new part:

@set name = "{dlgstringS|Enter the name of the file.|New}.txt"

Thank you, but that way I have to type the extension. For now, I've decided to go this route

@set name = {dlgstringS|Enter the name of the file you want to create.|.txt}

(the resulting dialogue is attached to this post) this way I just have to type the 'Home' key once, and can start typing the file name. Now how about a way to deselect the string, and have the cursor start at the beginning?

You don't have to type the extension - the code I showed adds it to the string itself.

Ohhhh. Sorry. Thank you.