DO 10 refresh long file names problem

Hi, I'm using DO 10 64bits in Windows 7 64 Bits.

When I download a file using a download manager with a long filename, or when I extract a file using WinRAR as a external application to handle compressed files, the archives look like this (using list view):

I have to press F5 to see it correctly:

If I rename the file the same thing happens, its filename is displayed with three dots at the end and I have to press F5 to see the full name properly.

Is there any option to auto refresh always the file names?

Details and Power modes do that already (so long as auto-size columns is turned on).

List mode may not do it, since if it did any change could move the whole list of files around by a large amount (even if the file that changed was scrolled way out of view), so things are left stable and you have to manually F5 to calculate new name widths.

My advice is don't use List mode. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply :smiley:

I'll use list mode because I've been using it for many years in Windows explorer and don't like to change now. Anyway I appreciate your advice. I'll use F5 instead :blush: