DO 10 slow with Windows 8 (Update: Due to Acronis TrueImage)

I am running DO x64 under Windows 8 Professional x64. DO seems to open fine, but somewhat slower than running under Win 7 x32. The bigger problem comes when I try to click on My Documents, as one example. I get the spinning wheel for about 2 minutes every time I click. It's the same with other folders such as Network. As best as I can tell, file operations do not appear affected. I have been running DO for many years and have never had an issue like this before . . just started right after installing DO on my new Win 8 machine (thus hardly any other software had been installed).

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

It's probably not Windows 8 as lots of us have Opus on Windows 8 machines without seeing that.

What else is installed on the machine?

Is your Opus configuration the same? Is anything pointing to network drives that aren't available on the Windows 8 machine?

Using Process Monitor to see what dopus.exe is accessing during the pauses might point in the direction of what's causing it.

1.The only software installed before DO was Firefox, so I highly doubt that is the issue. This was a brand new computer with a cleanly installed Win 8.

  1. Yes, my DO configuration was exactly the same as on my old computer, as I copied the configuration from that machine.

  2. Nothing is pointing to any drives that are not available on the Win 8 machine.

  3. Process Monitor does suggest a few things. When it first loads, dopus.exe appears to spend some time reading registry items which is causing a slow load. And when I open My Documents, dopus.exe spends even much more time reading the registry plus reading Library items. I had a fair number of folders (some from another machine on the network) in my Documents Library. So, I deleted all Library folders, but it did not seem to help much, if at all.

Thanks for your assistance & suggestions.

Registry access is almost instant, and also quite normal, so it's probably not that itself which is slowing things down. The registry values being accessed may point to the operation that is causing them to be accessed, though.

If you want, save the Process Monitor log to a .PML file (File->Save in Process Monitor), zip it up and send it to me via private message. I'll see if I can spot anything of interest in the log.

Thanks so much for your your further assistance. I have sent you the file with a PM. Only other thing I might add is that the problem only seems to occur when using the Folder Tree. So if I double click to open a directory with many folders, it will open quickly in the Display area. But if I click on the arrow to open that same directory, that is when I get the spinning wheel.


(Sorry for the delay, I've been ill for the last week.)

Nothing was attached to the PM. You may have selected the file but not clicked the Add the file button afterwards.


Thank you for emailing the PML file.

Here's something to try:

[ul][li]Download and run ShellExView.[/li]
[li]Sort its list by the Filename column. (The list is very wide so you might need to scroll right to find the column.)[/li]
[li]Select all the items with DLLs below this page: C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis\TrueImageHome... (it'll probably be tishell64.dll, but there could be others).[/li]
[li]Right-click them and choose Disable Selected Items.[/li]
[li]Right-click them again and choose Save Selected Items to create a text file with information about them -- this could be useful later.[/li]
[li]Close ShellExView and reboot the machine.[/li][/ul]

After rebooting, see if the problem remains. You can then re-enable the same items in ShellExView in the same way by choosing Enable Selected Items instead.

If disabling the Acronis TrueImage (tishell64.dll) shell extensions does solve things, please send me the text file that was created by the Save Selected Items command mentioned above.

I am not sure that Acronis TrueImage is involved, but its tishell64.dll appears repeatedly through the log, and it has caused other problems in the past, so it's definitely worth testing to see if it is involved.

If the above makes no difference, try turning on Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Show generic icons for: all folders and see if that helps. That may indicate what else we need to look for.


Yep, you got it. Once I disabled tishell64.dll, DO opened quite quickly. And I thought was going to be a good omen for the slow opening of large folders. And so it was . . they open quick enough for me, while not quite instantaneous.

I will happily send you the text file.

Next step: figure out how to handle the issue long-term. I use Acronis like an on-demand service . . not making backups in the background. I have tried disabling Acronis startup items but somehow some of them keep coming back. If you have some ideas, as you have seen this before, please pass them along.

Again, thanks much for diagnosing the problem!

If you would have said that TI is installed instead of "only FF"!!!

It is a well known bug of TI 2013 (plus high CPU-Usage of ComSurrogate and Defender). You will also have same behaviour in Explorer. I already discussed this here in Coffeshop since release of TI 2013 before and Acronis is not able to release a fix for this. Instead they delete posts (incl. mine) in their forum from people slowly getting evil about this! Worst support ever :imp: .

I absolutely do not have the same issue in Explorer. I assumed this was the case because I have DO set up to not replace Explorer. But given your feedback, maybe there is another reason . . I sure hope I am not another one of those one of a kind cases (have been there before!). Actually, I was almost positive that I installed DO well before TI . . but am guessing not given recent results. Thanks for the feedback, though. Sorry to hear about the low quality of Acronis support.

I had somehow remembered that it happens also in Explorer, but couldn't edit the post to correct, so I left it :slight_smile:! It's definetely TI, tested it on 3 different devices.

Take a look at this thread (, there's a file attachment that you can download on post #54. I was having all sorts of Win 8 troubles w/TI 2K13 installed until I replaced the installed .dll with the one from that post. Might help out with some of yours as well.

TrueImage managed to kill my upgrade to Windows 8.

It got all the way to the finishing line until, on its first boot, its delivered a BSOD that pointed to an Acronis driver.

"Shouldn't have happened," was their forum response.

But it did.

Thanks, already knew it and didn't help for me. I uninstalled TI and only use it via USB, except on my Tablet, where booting from USB needs changing Boot-order in BIOS.

It's a shame, the bug exists since release in 08/2012! But best thing is, you can get official support for only a few weeks after you bought it (wtf?). "Unfortunately" I never lost data, that's the only reason why I still use it (and because I paid for it!).

Well, color me surprised. Replacing that .dll appears to have fixed the problem. Thanks, GeekDrop, for the tip. Interestingly, I couldn't initially rename the .dll I was replacing . . got that error about the process being used by another process. I have no idea what's going on with that - - i made sure that anything related to TI was not running, but no luck. Finally, I booted into safe mode and did it that way. Wish I knew what that was all about.