DO 13 failed to check update in China: Unable to connect to server


I'm on a Chinese network (Great Firewall), but I'm using a VPN and have Global Mode enabled, Directory Opus still can't check for updates, it said "Could not check for updates - please try again later. (Unable to connect to server)"

I don't have anti-virus software on my computer, and I've tried connecting to different Wi-Fi and using different VPN providers, and none of them can check for updates successfully.
BTW, with the VPN on, I can visit the official website( normally.

Could you please help me to see how I should solve this problem, thanks!

I have same problem. (Unable to connect to server)

The same is true for me. You must go to the Resource Center website to download the latest beta version.

Perhaps you need to try enable Tun mode in VPN.