DO crashes every time I restart of log off (version 10+11)

Hello everyone,

OK, so DO has been crashing for months, every time I restart and sometimes when I log off. This is both in version 10, and 11, which I just installed and tried. I'm now back on 10 because I didn't really like the look of 11. I have attached a crash dump and a screenshot in case this is of some use to anyone.

It's really annoying because my computer never starts with the tabs/windows I had open in my last session!

Michael (29.8 KB)

I can't say definitively but the crash dump makes me suspect the problem is either a tool which hooks and modifies the way windows look/behave, or a shell extension that has been loaded into Opus.

If you're using any tools which modify how windows look/behave, try disabling them and rebooting to see if that helps.

If you're not, or if that doesn't help, I would use ShellExView to disable all the non-Microsoft shell extensions, reboot, then see if the problem is gone. Assuming it is, re-enable a few at a time to narrow down which one is causing the problem.

Hi Leo,

I am trying to switch off various programs, one by one, and check if I can stop this from happening. I noticed that I can get DO to crash by logging out as often as I can by restarting, so at least I don't have to restart every time. It might take a long time to locate the problematic program though, if that is indeed the problem.

One funny thing though, a minute ago I closed pretty much everything, and restarted, and DO didn't crash. Great, I thought. However, after restarting, DO opened a very old Lister: that is, not the last one open before restarting. I went to: Settings > Lister layouts > Edit layouts and deleted them all, but this hasn't helped. DO still always starts with this old Lister open, not my latest one. Something is not quite right here.


If Opus crashes while it's trying to exit, which sounds like what's happening, then it may not be able to update the config file which stores the last listers for the next time it starts.

You can probably avoid having to log out by fullying exit Opus instead, assuming that triggers the crash. (Use File > Exit Directory Opus instead of just closing the window.)