DO crashes on startup

Hi there,
I need your help on this which was started today.
Thank you in advance

Please send us any crash logs that were created and we can probably tell you what's causing it.

Thanks for sending them. It looks like your configuration file may have been corrupted somehow. Could you please find it, zip it and email it to us at the same address you sent the crash dumps?

The file you're looking for is called prefs.oxc and it should be in the folder:
C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles.

The prefs.oxc and other ConfigFiles data load OK for both of us, unfortunately.

Which locale (as in language/regional settings) is your system set to? That might be a factor in reproducing the issue.

Would it be possible to send a full config backup (Settings > Backup & Restore) in case something from another folder is causing a problem? The issue looks like it could be due to something corrupting memory, so it may not be due to the file being loaded at the time of the crash.

My pc uses Greek regional settings. For Opus I use English language from day 1.
"Would it be possible to send a full config backup ( Settings > Backup & Restore )" can you be more specific,pls?

(If I unistall DO and install it again, will that help?)

Go to Settings > Backup and Restore. Select Backup configuration. Click Next. You should see the name and location of the backup file to be created. Click Next. Make sure all items are checked. Click Next three times. The backup file (named and located as seen before) should be created. Send that file.

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Thank you for your help, unistalling DO and re-installing it fix the problem.
Now I've got to make my buttons-bars from scratch, ( glad to do it once more, since my Amiga days)

Did you create a backup file as above? Does restoring that file bring the problem back?