DO dies when switching to the image viewer style

My DO 9 crashes every time I switch to the style with image viewer.
I'm going to open an official support ticket, but I figured I ask around first to see if this is a known issue. This happens on my laptop where it is installed (XP), and on any PC where I run it from the USB key.
Any ideas. Thanks!!!

What kind of file is selected when you turn on the viewer? (Or do you mean thumbnails mode?)

Sorry, I have not looked here for a while, but the issue went away on my laptop when I upgraded to Vista (due to HD crash), and when running it from a memory stick, I still get that crash on XP, when switching to any view with pictures (filmstrip or images for example).

It's probably a thumbnail generator which is crashing. Where the problem is depends on the type of file(s) causing the crash. It may be in a viewer plugin or in a video codec outside of Opus.