DO gives error message when reading empty CDs

Here's one for the DO gods...when I insert a blank CD and click on the folder tree with the CD icon...I get "Cannot read disc. Internal error."

But when I open this same disc in old Windows can see the disc without any problems. Now..when I add data to this empty disc and then open reads the disc.

What's going on?

Make sure the Windows CD burning system is enabled:

When I encountered this problem...the first thing I did was check the preferences...and this is what I found: there anything else I can do to solve this problem?

If you go to My Computer in Opus and then double-click on the CD from within there, does that make any difference?

If not then I'm not sure. It's worked for me in the past but I can't say I have used it recently. The CD writing system that's built into Windows is pretty slow and I prefer using a separate application to write CDs.

Leo you are right using 3rd party app like Nero is better :smiley:
xp even vista built in burning app is so slow and completely annoying
i dont know this is related or not, sorry before, but Microsoft has launched new update for Xp explorer burning feature to fix Xp lacks burning feature such no DVD API (Application Programming Interface) IMAPI V2 in Xp shell which you can see:
it also supports vista only DVD support API (such what you see in Windows DVD maker) in Xp shell especially for 3rd party. :wink: regards