Do I just have the search syntax wrong?

So I have a network drive that has numerous amounts of data to search though. (It's Table Top Role Playing Game stuff). What I'm trying to do is, search all picture formats, from a computer that is on the network, but not the host pc that the network drive is connected to, using this syntax:

Ext: .png OR Ext: .jpg OR Ext: .jpeg OR Ext: .gif OR Ext: .tiff OR Ext: .psd OR Ext: .bmp

And it finds a lot of stuff. I think I clocked it in at 126,209. However, neither File Explorer or Opus is digging down in the subfolder structure as I would have expected it to.

Example: Root is called Assets. That's what I put the search in.

However, when I QA'd this search to see if it really is finding everything I picked a random folder.

Assets\Subfolder 1\Sub-Subfolder 1\Sub-Sub-Subfolder 1\Sub-Sub-Sub-Subfolder 1\random.jpg file doesn't appear in the larger 126,209 count of images. Which tells me that the search query I'm using it's going down far enough. See attached picture.

Windows Search syntax is documented here but Microsoft's documentation is not very thorough (and they also keep changing things without documenting the differences).

If you want to do anything complicated, I would use Opus's Tools > Find Files instead, which is more straightforward. The Advanced mode lets you create multi-part queries using a UI, but the search you're doing could also be done in Simple mode with this wildcard:


Or you could match by file type group = Images, which is easier. (But note that the Images group contains TIF but not TIFF by default, so you'd need to add the missing extension via Settings > File Types.)

Thank you so much leo, if this works I'm buying opus forever :smiley: this has been driving me up the wall for months as I try to make maps for my d&d games. I kept finding more and more, and redoing old art. I was about to start manually going in and destroying the file folder structure just to have everything in the same folder as I was getting so frustrated.

Perfect, dang near 2.5 times as many result. Thank you!

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