Do I qualify for free upgrade to Directory Opus 11?

I originally paid for Directory Opus Pro on 11-7-2013, then paid for the USB Export feature on 12-3-2013. Since adding the USB Export feature resulted in me getting a new registration code, do I qualify for the free upgrade?

The upgrade will be free if you purchased Opus itself on or after December 1, 2013.

I don't think add-ons on their own will count, although it's not my department and exact details + pricing have yet to be announced.

(The add-ons themselves are always carried over to new versions free of charge, regardless of time of purchase.)

I purchased Directory Opus on less then one month ago.

Will there be no chance to get the upgrade for free?

Emailing our sales address is your best bet for individual queries.

Note that the Opus 11 Beta will run for some months and Opus 11 will not be officially released until some months from now. Pricing + discounts are still to be decided, apart from what we've already announced re free upgrades for people who buy Opus now.

The upgrade will be free if you purchased Opus itself on or after December 1, 2013.

ive just bort opus 10 on 13/11/13 so i dont get the free upgrade not a happy bunny here, wish i never bort it now...

Again, pricing, discounts and release dates have not been announced yet so it may not be as bad as you think. Please email sales if you have concerns.

Will the upgrade be available before our 60 day licences expire?

If it isn't then I'm sure we will issue extensions.

Oh good. I don't think I could go back to using DO10 now :slight_smile:

Note that your licences aren't for 60 days, they're until the end of March 2014.

Mine says "Your certificate expires in 56 days (17/02/14)."

Did you get a new evaluation code first? Opus 11 certs based off evaluation codes have the same expiry date as the evaluation, but those based off purchased certs have until March 31.

To be honest, I can't remember which makes me think I didn't... hopefully the full version will be ready before it expires anyway.