DO tries to launch Acdsee upon double clicking on picture

DO tries to launch Acdsee upon double clicking on picture files in the lister, even though Acdsee is not installed, resulting in an error message.

So far, I have not found any information about this in the Help section or in this forum. Could you explain what is happening and how I might change DO so this error does not reoccur? My preferred application for viewing pictures is Google's Picasa Viewer, which is set as the default in Windows 10 Default Applications.

*Using Trial version of DO running on Windows 10 (current).

Thank you, Leo.

Cheers from a C64 programmer, circa 1985. We all gotta stick together. :slight_smile:

Sounds like something from ACDSee is still left over in the registry after it was uninstalled.

Does the same thing happen in File Explorer, or do you get Picasa there?

I have never installed Acdsee on this machine. Yes, in File Explorer, a double click opens the pictures in Picasa Viewer.

Did you install a config file from someone else?

Some other people have had the same problem and they never tell us where this config file came from, so we can never ask whoever posted it to fix it.

Please tell us!

This is a customer system, so I have no idea. The error is just one thing on my list of fixes they want done. It looks like DO is heavily customized just looking at it. Is there some way to reset this config file to defaults?

Please ask the customer where the config came from.

This issue keeps coming up and people go mysteriously silent when we ask for details. It's very odd.

(It also seems odd that you're sure ACDSee was never installed when it's not your machine and you don't know where the config came from!?)

I asked the customer if they use Acdsee, and she said she had not heard of it. She's a new employee who took over the laptop from the previous employee. So, maybe it was the previous employee that used acdsee. I don't see any remnants of it anywhere, though I have not specifically searched the registry. What would you suggest I do?

Who installed the Opus trial? You, the current employee, or the previous employee?

Trials last at most 60 days so to be honest this all seems rather suspicious.

The new employee didn't install anything as far as I know. She just started last week. So, I assume the previous employee did the install before he was let go.

Could you use Settings > Backup & Restore to send us a copy of the Opus config?

Administrator - Opus Config - 2020-03-29.ocb (47.3 KB)

See attached config file.

I've looked at just about everything I could think of, and saw no incorrect file associations or mention of acdsee in the settings for DO. I go into work tomorrow, and will have to contact the user to give a status update, so if you figure out what is triggering the error to occur, that would be helpful with easing her mind that the machine isn't completely toasted. I should add that this particular machine has a lot of problems in other areas, so I can't say whether DO is being negatively affected by them.

Is that the whole config, from the user's account?

Nothing in it mentions ACDSee, and every file is dated 20 minutes ago, which makes it look like a brand new config, not the one that has been used for some time and had the problem.

Why do you have the user's laptop at home? This doesn't add up at all, I'm sorry.

I went into DO > Settings > Backup Restore, and just went through the wizard and uploaded the file it produced. The machine is infected and barely responsive in its present condition, so to do what you asked, I had to enable the windows 10 Administrator account. The laptop is in my office now, and the only resource I have is my coworker who is onsite to help keep me connected remotely or to press buttons when I get disconnected. Aside from all of the virus related problems with the laptop, does this mean DO does not have a problem running under the windows administrator account? The company is being charged a flat fee for the refresh/redeploy, so I don't have much time left to address this particular issue. I was hoping to salvage DO to make her happy, but I only get paid for producing results within an allotted time to refresh existing systems for new users. The laptop has to be ready to deploy by end of business day tomorrow because she needs to take it home this week so she can keep working while we are under state mandated coronavirus quarantine.

Honestly, given that it's a trial version, I would just uninstall it and move on.

It was the users request to fix the DO error message, but I will pass on your solution.