DO v11.7/Samsung/mtp file sort behavior


When connected to my Galaxy Note 3 the ability to change the view (sort by details) is ghosted out. This only applies to the connected device in the active window. All other devices sort normally. I have tried it with and without mtp enabled. Any suggestions?

As a general rule mtp support seems to be getting a little better but still have to switch it off from time to time. Is there anything I can do on my end to improve behavior.

Thanks in Advance
David Harms

If possible, could you post a screenshot to show what you're seeing and what is disabled?

Is the same true in Explorer?

Good point. I tried Explorer under the same conditions and it works just fine.

See attached screen shot.

Thanks in advance.

Click the headers above the list of files to change the sort order. Right clicking the folder background should also work.

That device is being shown via a custom namespace shell extension by the look of it, so it may behave differently to normal folders.

Thanks... Both suggestions worked. Much Appreciated.