DO vs. Vista Explorer layout (mouseover highlighting)

I am aware of that it is difficult to create a good graphical layout that many people like. Although shouldn't it be good if DO had the same layout as in Windows Vista? In the attached picture i have given some examples...

The actual reason for writing this thread was if it is possible to get a similar mouseover effect in DO as in Vista explorer, since it sometimes can be difficult to determine what folder has what size. In Vistas Explorer that is very easy since it marks the row you have your mouse on and also marks the row/rows in a similar way when you select them.

For me that would be a good thing since I have to use a large distance between the Name and Size column, due to the fact that a handle a lot of folders with very long names.

Vista also has the current sorting column always highlighted and I also noticed when doing this picture that Vista and DO has defined the sorting arrow in different ways up/down?... (Not sure what is the correct one?)

Edit: Sorry for the large image by the way, I use a large wide screen monitor so this is actual not that big for me.

I wouldn't mind if Opus adopted some of that cosmetic Vista stuff as well.

In the mean time, you might find either the Full-Row Selection or the Grid Lines options in Opus to be helpful.

Regarding the sort-arrow direction, you can change it. See this FAQ:

[HOW TO: Change the direction of the sort arrows)

Thanks, I've enabled the Full-Row Selection and it works great. Although it looks awful compared to Vista... :unamused:

And the arrow.. I won't bother changing it, I have never even seen that before so why change it now...

This "feature" often irritates me, rows should only be marked when selected!

Sorry to say, but Vista Explorer is the most useless Explorer.

I can't believe they removed the toolbar in Vista. It's a pain if I'm fixing someones computer with Vista and I can't click up directory. It's a terrible design, only good thing is the improved sidebar where you can save favorite folders.

That's the reason why I bought USB-licenses of DO :wink:

Vista Explorer - designed for people using only "My Documents"-folders.