DO10 - Suddenly: Default windows file progress indicators


Started copying some files from NAS this morning and the dopus file progress indicator was replaced with the default Win7 dialogue. I can not remember changing any settings since yesterday, so I am somewhat confused. How do I get the dopus progress indicators back?


Please post a screenshot of this happening, including the progress window as well as the source and destination windows you dragged the files from and to (assuming it was done via drag and drop).

He's a short vid showing what I mean: ...

Oh, and thanks for the almost instantaneous response, Leo.

Thanks for the video!

You're dragging files from an Opus window to the Windows desktop. Drag and drop (and cut and paste) actions are handled by the program you drop on to, not the one you drag from, so you would always have seen the Windows progress dialogs when performing those actions.

If you open an Opus window showing the Desktop folder and drag into that instead, then you will see the Opus progress dialogs.

How odd, I'd never noticed the discrepancy before... thanks for clearing that up, Leo :smiley: