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DO11.3 : right click close DO!


I'm running DO11.3 64 Bits on WIndows 8.1 64bits fresh install. AFter a fresh or re-install of DO11.3/64b no problem to use the right click inside DO11.3 but after a reboot, the right click close DO on my system.
I don't have any antivirus installed and only the firewall coming with Windows 8.1 64bits.

Any idea where it could comes from ?

Best regards

Hello, another information : I can do a right click on a directory without any clash/close but it clashes on a file what ever the file is (jpeg, rar, doc,...)

Please see the FAQ about this type of problem for suggestions:

Hello, I don't have any of the know issues software installed neither the block shell extension....
No "DOpus.Minidumps" where I could find the dump file.
When I go toPreferences, Miscellaneous, Windows Integration, Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides) and "Hide" I don't have any more problems with the files but I loose everything like winrar shortcuts...

That tells you the problem is caused by a third party shell extension.

Follow the rest of the guide to work out which one it is.

Identified : coming from Notepad ++ (
No problem on Windows 7 64bits and DO11.3

Upgrade to the latest version of Notepad++.

Humm, it was already the latest one !

I use Notepad++ with Windows 8.1 Update 1 64-bit and I haven't had anything happen like you have.

Whatever is causing your problem, it's not Notepad++'s context-menu extension.

A recent version of Notepad++ seemed to cause problems for some people, so it's not impossible.

But it could be any of the other shell extensions on the system experiencing the problems as well, so it may not be Notepad++ either. (And lots of people are using Notepad++ without problems.)