DO11 Breadcrumbs configuration


I would like to know if there is anyway to configure the Breadcrumbs toolbar so that if I change a path, the new path is opened in a new tab.

Clicking with the middle mouse button will open things in a new tab now. (The shift/alt/ctrl keys also change the left-click behaviour.)

Clicking with the mouse in the breadcrumbs bar doesn't do anything. What I do is Alt+Enter (I don't have middle buttom).

Is it possible to change what those mouseclicks on the breadcrumb bar does?
For lmb or lmb with alt,ctrl,shift etc.
It seems it doesn't obey what is listed on Folder Tree->Selection Events, nor what is the events are set to do in the File Types->All Folders.

I have Go NEWTAB for LMB/MMB ALT and CTRL events, and blank in all others for both the selection events and the File Types->All Folders events.

But it doesn't match well with the behavior (I use Dual Horizontal view).

LMB: changes to that folder in the same tab
SHIFT LMB: open in brand new lister
CTRL LMB: changes to that folder in the opposite view
ALT LMB: opens in new tab in same view.

MMB: open in new tab
SHIFT MMB: open in brand new lister
CTRL MMB: new tab in opposite view
ALT MMB: open in new tab

Are the settings ignored, the breadcrumbs bar's behavior hardcoded, or is there somewhere else I'd have to set those?

Maybe GPSoft might consider a 'Selection Events' page in Prefs for the location fields... similar to what's already there for the Folder Tree?