DO11 : breadcrumbs path field transparency in FDB on XP

On XP, breadcrumbs path field background is white, it's possible to enable transparency ?
With the old FDB, all the bar is colorized. So it's hard to distinguish source/dest if both breadcrumbs path fields have white backgrounds for breadcrumbs path field.

I don't think that it makes sense to spend more time to include new features into XP (regardless of whether it's still a good system for you, the support runs out). I really wonder, that DO11 still supports it.

Who speak about new feature or request ?

I don't want new feature, I want to know why this field is different on XP and if there is option to have the same behavior.

IMO supporting breadcrumbs to look the same as on never OS is a feature (or a bug, if not :slight_smile:)!

But I don't understand - you can colorize source and dest on old and new FDB, and even on a large and white breadcrumb withz new FDB you can see the which is the active lister. Or do I miss something?

Breadcrumbs path field can be display in DO in all supported OS (XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8).
At job, it's XP and it's not because I love it, so I can not change to newer.

I play with the new FDB toolbar with Breadcrumbs path and I have question because between my field and help documentation, background is always white.
I want to know if background color is specific to OS or if I can change it.

If you look at screenshots, color is only behind left/right icons.

Of course, I can use old FDB, or newer OS, or another file manager...

Ok, but to be honest I never look at the breadcrumb to see which is source/dest and it's also set to max. width, but on the left I have the 3 navigation arrows, so maybe that's the reason, why I don't look at the transparency.

Of course, breadcrumbs are available on XP, but maybe transparency is a OS-thing (I don't know, but as said, if not seems to be a bug).

The transparency on other versions of Windows comes from parts of the Windows theme/visual style which XP doesn't have, so we fall back on a standard edit control with drop-down.

We're unlikely to spend time on anything as cosmetic as this for Windows XP. XP will be dead in a few months anyway, since Microsoft are about to stop releasing security patches for it, and Microsoft have already made it impossible for us to run the current compiler and debugger on XP, so other than ensuring things work and fixing bugs we won't be giving XP much attention. (We considered dropping XP support entirely for Opus 11, but decided against that.)

If you really want the old File Display Border look & feel, you can switch back to it in Preferences (but will lose the new File Display Toolbar features, of course).

Another option is the setting which changes the colour of the whole file display when it is the destination.

Ok, so it's not a bug and it's not possible to add transparency on it.
That's what I wanted to know.