[DO11 bug]

I have a place with a hundreds of folders. I go there, do a filter and get listed few folders I currently need.

So far so good.

I double click on one of the folders, do what I need to do, I go back.

Filter is not active any more! So, to proceed with another folder, I need to reenter filter setting. Not only this is inconvenient, I believe this is not what back command should logically do (it should return you to the point you were and in this case, that doesn't happen).

P.S. I would be ok with another GO BACK command parameter that would specify the filter should be restored.

This is not a bug.

There's an option to clear the filter when changing folders, and if it is on then that's what happens.

Ups, sorry, I forgot to set subject and there doesn't seem to be edit option.

Unfortunately, that is not it. I want filter to be cleared when I browse to the new folder (as it is done now). But, when I return to the folder I've just been in and with filter set, I want filter to be preserved until I clear it.

Logically, you have similar functionality with search - if I search for something, double click on folder, then go back, search list will be preserved.