DO11: Can I go back to Opus 10 if I try Opus 11?

I am a registered user of DOpus 10, and am interested in trying out version 11. If I apply for a beta certificate for 11, will my version 10 certificate be invalidated, if I choose to go back to version 10 after the beta certificate expires?

The Opus 11 beta certificate is separate and won't replace your Opus 10 certificate, so you can revert back to Opus 10 at any time.

The Opus 10 cert will still be your main certificate which the website gives you if you request the cert for your account in the normal way.

The form for getting an Opus 11 beta certificate generates a special beta cert which it will email to you. (If you lose the beta cert, you can get it emailed to you again by using the same form a second time.)

Thank you so much Leo for the info and the quick reply. I appreciate it. Has pricing been disclosed yet for version 11?

Not yet. I don't know if it has been decided yet.