DO11: Cannot activate offline Skydrive

I have just noticed that I cannot activate Skydrive to keep offline copies of folders/files from inside DO11.

I can do it easily through a right click menu selection on Windows explorer in Win 8.1 on Surface Pro 2.

Is there something I am doing wrong or overlooking in DO11 regarding?

BTW the ATTRIB setting works well in DO11 and Skydrive and works well and is helpful.

Thanks for a great program and what is the most comprehensive level of support and development I have experienced with software.

Not exactly sure what you mean sorry. Could you post a screenshot?

Sorry for being unclear.

Skydrive has an option that allows the user to choose whether complete folders/files in Skydrive are kept on both the user computer and in the skydrive cloud. Alternatively, the file name and metadata information is kept on the user computer and the full file is kept on the skydrive. In Windows native file manager the user can dictate the default behaviour by right clicking on the folder or file a selecting "make available online only" or "make available offline". This functionality is not available in DO11. The only way to do it is by going into the Windows File Manager and doing it from there.

Apparently, Skydrive is smart enough to make keep full versions of the files on the user computer through monitoring which files are constantly used. However the user can override this by choosing which folders/files are fully mirrored. This can be important where user may use their tablet/notebook with internet in one location but may also need to use files in another location without an internet connection. In the later situation the files need to be fully accessible with or without internet.

This Skydrive functionality allows people with limited storage to access large number of files when necessary and when online but also keep working files readily available (if desired) in any mobile situation with or without internet access.

I would have thought that DO11's right click menus could also reflect Windows File Manage functionality. Or am I missing something?

Is this still not clear?

It's clear, but those commands do seem to appear on the context menu, at least for me.

Just to be clear, are you talking about SkyDrive in Windows 8.1 ?

Thanks for getting back.

Yes 8.1 and Skydrive and I only see these in windows file explorer. The only thing I have changed is the toolbars to Playful's latest menus.

It works correctly on my Desktop but not on my Surface Pro 2. Is it to do with preferences? I am not aware of any differences between the two computers.

You could check that the Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration / Hide Windows items on file context menus option is turned off.

Yes that was unchecked. I tried to toggle it and apply with no effect.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled DOPUS to default settings. No difference.

Is Opus installed on your Surface or are you running it off USB? If you were running a 32 bit version on 64 bit Windows that might potentially account for it.

64bit install
not using usb

I turned off all Skydrive settings and then reset them. Briefly the context menu in Skydrive folders showed correctly but then it disappeared the next time.

I opened another file manager called Filecenter and set base folder(called a cabinet) to the SkyDrive base folder. All the context menus worked as expected. So I think I have confirmed that the problem lies somewhere in DOPUS. It is not worrying me greatly since I can set things through window file manager. However I am prepared to keep trying to work it out as these exercises are sometimes useful in learning more about how windows works (or doesn't!).

I am open to further suggestions. How are the menus passed to/added into DOPUS?

I've been able to reproduce this problem now, and we should have a fix for it in the next beta.

Thanks Jon. Good to know that a fix is in the works. Great work and dedication to a fine product.