DO11: Can't turn off BOTH the FDT and FDB at same time?

I've gotten used to the new FDT and appreciate the extra bit of vertical screen real estate I gain back by losing the old Location bar!

However, I still have a few use cases for when I'm working on my laptop with limited vertical space where I'd like to have either the output or viewer windows open while I'm moving files around in a dual display where I'm trying to eek out just a few more lines of vertical space (I know I can toggle either output window or viewer pane off, but for some work I want them on and sized rather tall).

If I'm missing how and where this can already be done... apologies, but I'd really like a way to turn OFF the FDT without having to just replace it with the older FDB. It looks like Prefs make us pick one or the other and not NONE. I don't necessarily need a Prefs option, so long as I have some way of turning them off (raw command?) and have that state saved in layouts, etc like other toolbar states.

Personally, I have no need for distinction between 'sides' in dual display mode... maybe a way to reference the FDB instances of the toolbar might be to use the POS option as a special qualifier, something like:

Toolbar TOGGLE NAME="File Display" POS=fdb

Apart from the new option of the Toolbar, it's exactly the same as it was in Opus 10.

If you use the Border, and also turn off Preferences / File Displays / Border / Show file display border in single display mode, then there won't be anything above the file display in single display mode.

When in dual display mode, there is always something above the file display. (Always has been. This hasn't changed because of the Toolbar or any other Opus 11 changes.)

Ah, ok... yeah, forgot about the single display mode thing. Was fixated on the options up at the top of that page.