DO11: Changing PSD preview mode loses previews

If you attempt to change the nature of the previews with PSD files as outlined in the new Help file , you lose all image previews. Only a system reboot will restore them

Even non-PSD images?

Does it still happen if you clear the thumbnail cache before making the change? (Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails / Cache thumbnails -> Adjust cache settings, then click Empty)

Does it really require a reboot, or just fully exiting Opus and restarting it?

I need a reboot

The exact sequence of events:

Change the nature of the PSD previews

Nothing happens immediately

Close Opus and re-open

All thumbnails have gone

Change PSD preview back to default

Nothing happens immediately

Close Opus and re-open

All thumbnails are still not there.

Reboot PC

Thumbnails are back

Did you try clearing the thumbnail cache?

When you say all thumbnails, is that including non-PSD files? (It's odd if the setting has any effect on any other image type, unless thumbnail caching is breaking in some way when the PSD thumbs are cleared from the cache.)

Do you get the same if you just close & re-open Opus without changing the setting?

Are you definitely shutting down Opus and not just closing the window? (It's really strange if you need a system reboot to fix this, at least unless your PSD thumbnails are being generated by a third-party component and not Opus at all.)

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Spot on again Leo. The problem appears to be the Ardfry psd codec for Dopus, which I put on my machine many moons ago and forgot about completely.

Removing this element stops the crash of the PSD previews.

Many thanks for your help