DO11: Choose to keep existing toolbars during upgrade


I just read the post about what's new in Opus 11 and am very interested in it. I don't know how you keep making this program so much better all the time. :smiley:


I understand that, as with Opus 10, Opus 11 will replace the user's existing toolbars with new default toolbar. I didn't get the impression that this is something that can be controlled during the upgrade installation and I respectively suggest that it should be. While this idea makes a lot of sense for a single user environment, it's very problematic in a corporate environment. Opus is a FANTASTIC file manager and it's the only one I have installed for my users here at my company. Over the years, we have developed a set of buttons and toolbars that suit our needs very well. My users rely on me to provide them with their Opus environment. With rare exceptions, they don't customize their configurations. While I am very open to providing new buttons that help them with their job I can't have all their toolbars disappear with each major version upgrade. As it stands, I have to make sure they all know how to backup their configuration, actually do that before the upgrade, and then restore their configuration afterward. That sounds simple but trust me, it's not.

Please provide an option to opt out of enabling the new Opus 11 toolbars during the installation of the upgrade. That said, I would still like those toolbars to be created so I can enable and explore them myself and pick and choose which ones I push out to my users.


Jason Proos

Your toolbars are not deleted just disabled. It takes minutes to put them back the way they were if you so wish.

Thanks. Yes, I realize the toolbars aren't deleted. The point I'm trying to make is that we have spent a great deal of time customizing Opus for our corporate environment and would like to not have our toolbars replaced with each major upgrade forcing the users to resurrect their environment. It would be much better, in a corporate environment, it seems to me, to allow the system admin doing the upgrade to choose whether to replace the existing toolbars or not. The entire concept seems completely at odds with using Opus in a corporate environment. Since I think this would be a pretty trivial change to the install process, I'm requesting it. If I thought it was a major effort, I wouldn't ask for it.

Jason Proos

The OP makes sense since we're talking about lots of non-technical users who need to use some toolbars which someone else has customized. (If someone has customized the toolbars themselves then they'll have no problems turning parts of their old toolbars on again if they wish to. And if someone hasn't customized anything then they'll probably want the new defaults over the old ones. But the OP's case is different to both of those.)

With the scripting interface in Opus 11, a good way to tackle this might be to drop a script into users' config directories that will be auto-run at startup and change various settings as you see fit.

That could be useful for pushing out other config changes to all users (without having to modify the config files themselves) down the line, too, not just for pushing toolbar configs.

Do you think that would that make sense, as a more general solution, or do you still think something is needed for the toolbars specifically?

(I'm not sure if everything you'd want to do is available in the scripting interface right now, but we're open to suggestions on expanding it. We'd also be happy to help write the script as that kind of thing is a good real-world test of what the new scripting can do and will be useful to us as well.)

As well as Leo's suggestions, I have no problem with an option to prevent the toolbars being replaced - but how would such an option be set in a corporate environment? Via group policy?

Sorry, I didn't get any email notification of the recent responses so I didn't see them until I just checked in to see if anyone else had responded.

Leo, the new scripting functionality in DO11 is something I am very interested in and I do plan to try to use it to further ease the management of my users Opus environment. I would be very interested on working with you to develop a script as it would almost certainly expand my understanding of the scripting environment as well as provide a possible solution to this particular 'problem'. I feel like the main area that I still have a lot to learn about Opus is the scripting environment and I'm hopeful that DO11 will make it easier for me to finally get to a decent level of functionality.

Jon, notwithstanding my interest in the scripting environment, I would still very much like to be able to choose, at installation time, whether to replace the existing toolbars with any new ones. In case, it's not clear, I don't want the users to be presented with that prompt so it would need to appear in the first phase of the upgrade install and then affect all users of that installation. As far as how it would be controlled: in a very large environment, it would surely want to be done via a GPO but for me I have never bothered to deploy Opus via GPO so I'd be perfectly happy to have an option in the installation GUI.

Again, sorry for the lateness of my reply.


I should correct my earlier statement. I'm not aware of any notification emails but I've been out of the office a lot lately so it's possible that I simply missed them which seems to be the most likely explanation since I do seem to be subscribed to this thread.