DO11: context menu configuration for items?

I have just changed the context menu for "lister context", but it applies only for right clicking, when no item is selected. Where can we set the style for
the context menu of the items? Also, the function to set an image as the background of the context menues doesn't work.

The ability to set context menu backgrounds/styles only applies to the menus you can see and edit under Customize -> Context Menus.

Changing the background seems to work here:

Hmm, somehow i don't get it to work in the german version. I also tried many other
backgrounds, since some of them are still in the list, but obsolete:

I can't even change the color (the other option) as a background.

Ah, Preferences / Toolbars / Appearance / Use Office 2003-style for toolbars will override the background colours of menus.

Ok, now it works. Thank you. :bulb: