DO11: Default lister toolbars

At the moment I'm working with the new default Lister in DO11, and added the 'Drives' toolbar. Went into to customise and dragged it to the left hand side position of the lister. All is good.

I then save the Lister as both the default Lister and also as 'My Lister'. I close the Lister. Double clicking on the desktop is set to launch 'My Lister'. I then double click on the desktop and the Lister opens - but the 'Drives' toolbar is toggled off again, and when toggled back on is not at the left hand side but above the main Lister window (default position?).

Am I missing something or have I found a bug?

Use Set as Default Toolbar Set from here:

That said, Settings > Set as Default Lister should have done that as well, and does here at least.

For your 'My Lister' layout, there is an option for each layout to specify whether it remembers its own set of toolbars or uses the defaults. You can find it under Preferences / Layouts and Styles / Layouts, and should also be asked how you want it whenever you save/update a layout.

Thanks Leo, sorted!

Note that Set as Default Lister will only be effective in this instance if Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Ignore toolbars of Default Lister is turned off.

Thanks Jon, I did realise this earlier :slight_smile: