DO11 Enhancements: Rename dialog (2)

Is it still possible to have these features included?

See: Enhancements: Rename dialog

As for me, specifically I would like to have the rename panel stay open, so I can do various renames, without having to re-launch and again select the files.
Or is it already available and am I overlooking it?


We have plans for the rename dialog, but they're longer down the road.

Sniff . . :cry:

Ah well,
we can wait for a week or two.. :slight_smile:

For me, pending the revised rename dialog, it would already be a major enhancement if a a kind of [Stay Open]-option would be added. Frankly, when I plan to do many renames, then I use a 3rd party renamer.

Do you know if this still under development Leo?
also see


Regretfully this option has still not been implemented. Am not sure if at all it is being considered.
Maybe it fell from the developers table?

When we are ready to announce anything, we will.