[DO11 feature request] copy queue enchantments

Something I've suggested immediately after queueing file operations were introduced (but it was not done publicly on the forum)... Today, I feel even stronger that queueing facility misses queued deletes. Imagine download directory that is packed with, for example, downloaded episodes of various series. Each one is placed into its own folder. Along large .mkv file, there are often many smaller text/picture files I don't need. So, I've decided to tidy part of the download folder (it would be too much to have a perfect order there!). Typically, I queue dosens of move operations; I move large .mkv files to their more permanent location. The trouble is, after moving is finished, folders with junk will remain! Why cannot I queue folder delete operation after the move is done? Of course, I can delete them manually, but, I would need to do that after moving is done which is an hour or two later and I have to locate all those folders again.

I would be perfectly happy with an additional parameter of delete command to put it into the queue and I'm aware that it would be somewhat dangerous operation, but I would be willing to take the responsibility.

P.S. A possible different approach - add 'move to nil:' operation that is queueable.