DO11: [FR] CLI Script Interpreter - additional options?

I know you're busy and want more bug reports than feature requests :slight_smile:.

This would be a "nice to have" though:

The new SCRIPTMODE option for CLI is already qualified as a /O option. Would be nice if we could use stuff like CLI SCRIPTMODE=jscript to launch it in jscript mode.

Might also be nice if we could use something like CLI SCRIPTMODE=jscript,runfromclip and loadfromclip to automatically launch the script interpretor in jscript mode as well as auto-execute (or just auto-load/paste) whatever is in the clipboard in the new CLI window. I admit I wouldn't ALWAYS do this, it would depend on whether or not I have a piece of code highlighted in UltraEdit that I think could even execute on it's own vs just doing some snippet editing directly in the CLI text box.

But if we could do this when it makes sense... I would create an external app macro for myself in UltraEdit that would call dopusrt.exe and pass the sort of command I just described so that I would just highlight some text in UE, hit my hotkey to launch the app macro and everything would just run without all the extra normal mouse clicks and keystrokes.

Lest you think my hubris ends there :slight_smile:... Might also be nice to have an option like FINDEXISTING, especially if I can launch the CLI window to auto-execute a test code snippet from a code editor, where I most likely won't want new CLI windows constantly popping up.

Please take seeming never-ending requests for further enhancements to NEW features like this as a GOOD thing, and a sign that we like and appreciate the newer features, and want to use them in even more ways.

Did you try it? :slight_smile:

Most definitely, before I posted and again just now. It's opening with VBScript selected in the drop down.