DO11: [FR] Support for MediaInfo library?


I was mulling over the limitations of the proprietary audiotags.dll and started to wonder whether it could be replaced with this popular open source alternative. There is an awful lot of formats which Directory Opus can't read tags from (like, yes, Ogg Opus) and some sort of MediaInfo support in DO11 would make me consider upgrading.


It'd probably be easier and better for us to add Ogg Opus support to AudioTags.dll. I don't think anyone has asked for it before now. Is the format being used these days?

(For anyone who really wants MediaInfo itself, the plugin API lets anyone who knows how to code write such a plugin. AudioTags.dll is implemented using the exact same API, and source code to a version of AudioTags.dll is provided as a starting point for anyone who wishes to do something like that.)

Hello, if Kaminari was the first, then I'm the second. By the way if you can add MKV it would be nice too. (AC3 & DTS maybe already included?)
Looking desperately how to increase W7's icons size in list view (Like in XP by editing registry) I've just discovered DO lite and not found yet.