DO11: Go CURRENT LAYOUT not working

The following command no longer works for me in DO11:Go CURRENT LAYOUT="Find"The Find Layout comes up but the path is not the current one.

It seems to work here.

Where are you running the command from?

From a simple toolbar button.

What does Go CURRENT NEW get you?

I double checked the same button was working with DO10 running from USB stick. My current workaround is this:@set var={sourcepath} Prefs LAYOUT="Find" Find in {$var} Shouldn't this work using only Find in {sourcepath}?

[quote]What does Go CURRENT NEW get you?[/quote]Just a Clone of my current (dual) lister. Adding LAYOUT="Find" to this is ignored.

After saving the Find layout again (no changes) the command is working again.It's not true. The correct path shows up in the file display but the search panel still shows the last used path.

Sorry, I forgot to mention that my Find layout shows the find panel. In DO 10 the command automatically applied the current path to the panel. This is what isn't working anymore. The file display shows the current path correctly.

Is the Lock Folder button turned on in the Find Panel?

No, it's off...

The lock in the Find panel makes the panel track the current folder, so you'll want to turn it on.

Thanks, that was it. Even with an early beta the bug is sometimes sitting in front of the monitor. :smiley:

Yeah, as an ~excuse to touch parts of Opus in this beta that I might not otherwise touch if I just did an in-place upgrade, I've done a clean install and am re-building my config from scratch. In doing so, I've found a few things like that, where some dialogs have been reset back to defaults.

Yes, this one is indeed a button I never use myself. I created it for the german forum at the time when lots of people wanted to get the old standalone find panel back. :smiley: It's in my large "forum button collection". The reason I touched it again is that I waited a long time for the "individual toolbar set" feature we now have in a way I never dreamed of. I'm now recreating my buttons with Styles/Layouts for special tasks like music/image editing which I always wanted to show only one special toolbar.

Merry Christmas to all DOpus lovers.
Please don't forget to spent some time with your family and friends instead of addictively playing with the new Beta. :smiley: