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[DO11] Hanging when opening the context menu

Hi there,

so being a happy long term user of Directory Opus I did the Upgrade to the new version, and I like a lot of of the new features.

Unfortunately, the DO task hangs as soon as I try to open the context menu. No crash, it just stops working. The same thing happens when I try to e.g. access the files properties by using the "Alt+Enter" shortcut.

Any ideas what I could try to find out what's going wrong ? Will a clean installation of DO11 make any difference ? My DO10 configuration was quite close to the default setup, except for a few added custom buttons, a couple of adjusted folder layouts, ... For now I reverted back to DO10.

The system I'm running it on is a Win7 Home, 64bit, enough memory (8GB), nothing special otherwise.

Best regards, Michael

It's probably caused by a bad shell extension.

Suggestions to help find/fix it can be found here: Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files