DO11: hotkey issue with special keys

A user in the german forum created a hotkey on a Microsoft keyboard with special keys. Assigning the command Clipboard Copy to S6 always worked fine for him with DOpus 10. With DO11 it doesn't work any longer when trying to copy text in Inline-Rename-mode. I can confirm that this doesn't work for me when assigning the command to F12. Copying files works OK.

Clipboard Copy would never have copied the selected text while inline rename was active; it would either do nothing (if the inline rename edit control swallowed the keypress) or (if it didn't) it would put the selected files into the clipboard (not the filenames but the files themselves, to be pasted into another folder).

Are you sure ? Ctrl + C also does Clipboard Copy and works fine. It copies the text in inline rename mode and not the file. What's the difference if not the command? The guy in the german forum got it working with DO10 and his S6 key.

Ctrl-C is also the standard key to copy selected text from an active edit control. That it's bound to the Clipboard Copy command when an edit control isn't active doesn't mean much.

Try turning off or deleting the Ctrl-C hotkey and you'll see it doesn't affect what happens when pushing Ctrl-C during inline rename.

Hmmm, I think the guy must have something configured in his keyboard software to map the Ctrl+C function to his S6 key. I can do something similar for different applications with my additional mouse buttons. Thanks so far.