DO11: how to choose accelerator keys on different toolbars?

I am using an automatic tool bar, a regular, non floating one, but when i push the "Alt" key, i can only use the accelerator keys from the uppermost toolbar.
Although the accelerator key on the auto toolbar ist diffferen, & also gets underlined, the function isn't executed. So, how can i give that toolbar the input focus?

You don't have to do anything special, it just works, at least here.

e.g. I changed the Convert button on the Images toolbar to have &ZConvert as its label, then in Thumbnails mode (so the Images toolbar is added as the 3rd row) I push Alt-Z and it opens the menu attached to the button.

Maybe it doesn't work the same way on old, custom toolbars?! In this case, it's my custom rename toolbar. Maybe the empty toolbar inbetween, which i use for aesthetical reasons,
is in the way? Only the upper items would light up in the green color, while the example button (in the yellow box) doesn't do anything.

Attach your toolbars if you want and I'll take a look.

My bet is there's something else using the same letter.

I know that effect with two identical letters, but i think i can rule that out, because i first had the trigger character on the "5", which didn't work.
Now i had just changed it to "x", which i'm positively not using anywhere. Same result.

Btw, if i turn off the main toolbar, it works.

Attach your toolbars if you want and I'll take a look.

This still doesn't work for me.

Sorry, the toolbar you sent got lost in my private messages (one of the reasons we've switched off PMs; things get lost there too easily).

I've reproduced this now. The alt-x keys work as a chord (i.e. pushing both letters at once) to open menus and menu-buttons on any toolbar, but not to open buttons. And pushing alt, then x, to activate buttons only works with the first toolbar.

I'd only tried with menu-buttons before (since that's mostly what there is on the 2nd toolbar by default), so I hadn't seen the issue with standalone buttons until I tried with the toolbar you sent.

We'll look at getting that fixed.

Thanks, Leo. I'm looking forward to it. In the meantime i enjoy using the new "autoclose" toolbars, which are just great. One more comment that i have is, that it was not only Alt/x, but practically
all other combinations in the second toolbar, so it might be a general problem to pass the focus to the secondary toolbar.