DO11: image list in customize window for contexts

In customize window, we can choose background image for context menu.

  • it's possible to choose image by clic triangle even if checkbox is uncheck
  • image list is open at left of the field

  • image list is not scrollable by mouse
  • we need to clic on triangle to display list and not in item
  • add tip to inform that image is display only if you disable office 2003 style option in Prefs

Why not using standard combobox like in Prefs ?

It'll only open on the left if there isn't enough room below the control.

Do you need that many images defined? It looks like many of them are duplicates of each other.

Yes, there are duplicates, and i don't know why... it's solved.
Ok for list position but it can be open with triangle icon only, even if image checkbox is uncheck.

We'll fix that. Ta for noticing it!

I think all of this should be fixed in the next beta. The drop-down has been made into a normal combo box, too.