DO11: jobs bar, navlock, and more non-modal chaos :-)

Where to start that won't be met with groans :slight_smile:...

I seem to be the only one in the world that despised the way the v10 changes to Navlock introduced the newer non-modal style notification to advise of loss of sync... Mores the pity.

I like what's been done with the progress indicators and the jobs bar in general, but I'm flummoxed by how it was implemented. Now, in Navlock and running multiple copy operations there is so much jerking around of the file display and folder tree orientation that I'm ready to throw in the towel and just disable the jobs bar all-together.

Here's an entertaining scenario... Go into dual-display horizontal and turn on Navlock. If you have your folder tree settings such that you want to see certain archives in the folder tree (in this case, an ISO file), now copy a large file from a source folder that is positioned towards the very bottom of the folder tree.

  • folder tree and file display re-adjust for the jobs bar
  • folder tree re-adjusts to show the in-progress ISO file in the folder tree
  • abort the copy...
  • folder tree re-adjusts to remove the aborted file copy from the tree
  • folder tree and file display re-adjust when the jobs bar disappears

...times multiple copies, and several out of sync navlock folder changes. AHHHHHH...... oh no I just dropped the next file copy on the wrong folder! Or the distraction that I might have done something wrong, oh no, it's just the non-modal notification telling me I just did something I meant to do. Bah Humbug....

So... a last lobby for an option that would let these notification bars just popup as overlay GUI elements instead of shifting the displays. It's not ideal either, but I'd MUCH rather lose visibility to the top-most or bottom-most items in the display(s) than have the display orientation actually shift on me.

An ideal solution might be to have status bar controls that could show navlock sync-status as well as job progress bars... lots of unused space on many peoples status bars!

You can turn the jobs bar on all the time if you want. It's just a Preferences option.

Yeah, already said that what I've done. But I otherwise like it and wish I could use it... hence the post. I just don't understand the insistence on notification mechanisms that move the file display, or how everyone doesn't find it disruptive.

Would that there was an option to disable the Navlock sync notification!!! Turning off Navlock isn't a solution :wink:...

Can we please drop the subject of NavLock and focus on the other things. We've already discussed NavLock to death.

What's your suggestion for the jobs bar, if keeping it open all the time isn't satisfactory either?

I mean, overlays won't work for the jobs bar because they'll be on top of other things which people want to see as well, surely? Things either have to resize, move or expand/contract to show additional UI elements. Putting them on top of each other doesn't seem right.

Unless you'd be happy not being able to see status information while jobs were running, but I could see that getting in the way.

I suppose the jobs could be displayed in a user-defined area on the toolbar or something. But then people would have to make room for them, which I don't think would work very well.

Yeah but with the way it is now, you're losing visibility of some items due to the shift and dealing with the visual shifting itself.

I agree that accommodating a user-defined area on the toolbar might be unwieldy for many... though I would love to see if I could use a script to dynamically populate a toolbar or menu with progress indicator info in such a way. But on my 1600 x 900 native laptop display, I've got TONS of room on my default Status Bar... so I was rather wondering what something down there might look like.

Digging around in the old beta forum, I think the Steje of Christmas Past had some good ideas about how the jobs bar should work. :slight_smile: