DO11: Open new lister as different user

is it possible to open a new lister window as a different user? When I use "runas" or the "Run as" context menu the new window is still using the old user credentials.

I need to access protected files that are only available for a specific user account.

Thanks in advance.


Often it's better/easier to share the folder and map a drive via localhost using different credentials.

However, if that is not an option, you most likely just need to fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) before re-launching it via the other credentials.

Hi leo,
thank you for the fast reply. Actually that's not possible. I use the standard windows encryption to secure data stored in the home folder of a separate user. Therefore mapping the path as a drive would make the data protection useless.

Launching a new process with different credentials would definitely be a helpful feature.


You might try this Sysinternals tool called ShellRunas, which can be downloaded here: ... s/cc300361

Disclaimer: I've never used this software, so I don't know if it will do what you need.

Hi SomeYoungGuy,
thanks for the link. For my specific problem that great piece of software doesn't help tough.

The problem is that DO doesn't create a new instance / process when one is already running. It just opens a new windows within the existing process. While that's absolutely fine when the new window should run as the same user as the previous window, it makes the "Run as" function useless (the new window will run as the same user as the existing one, even if different credentials have been specified).


Has anyone come up with an answer for this. I have the same problem. I am managing many systems that I have to use a different account to work on. Now I have to log in remotely to each server. It would be great if I could start DO as another user. It would be even better if listers could be started in their own processes under a different set of credentials.

I use as Leo suggested. Exit Dopus then restart with the following command line in a shortcut

C:\Windows\System32\runas.exe /user:%domain%%username% /savecred "C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopus.exe"

replacing %domain% with the domain name & %username% with the required user name.

The first time you run the command, you will be asked for the users password. You wont see any thing as you type the password, but it will be input. If you dont want the password saved, delete the /savecred from the command.